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dedicated to the dedicated

this is dedicated to the dedicated – the desiccated demonstrated under-rated overstated recreated. the recreational part time professionals in their confessionals, the harmonisers advertisers sympathisers and synthesizers the deep dark throbbing heart the all together fallen apart the stitcher-uppers the fixers forgivers the break down deadbeat heart attackers the pittsburgh packers the uptight slackers the unforgiven the driven the dead and the living the sublime rhymes and rhythms the cynics and mockers the non-believers and underachievers the last in line the family and friends from beginning to end can we just start again? let’s pretend let’s just pretend this is the beginning…

and we’re under starter’s orders ready to go we’re waiting impatiently at vending machines and checkout counters standing in line losing precious minutes of our precious time when we could be spending lending never-ending slowly barging through barriers subtle as aircraft carriers individually wrapped as urban warriors with our interchangeable faces features and bodies, clip-on personalities strap-on souls reaching for goals sold sometime before as the true original, the real thing with feeling at prices that go through the ceiling.

extra crisp extra light extra large extra dry makes you wanna cry. you’d think we’d want to try before we buy before we die – don’t even look out the corner of our eyes hiding behind disguises there’s no surprises – its all down on paper we get what we pay for what’s left to play for? gloria gaynor? she will survive but what about us? what about them? can we all have it all all the time? i don’t think so. can we all have it all all the time? turn water into wine, fit to commit the inch perfect crime? turn on a sixpence go the whole distance in an instant there’s no cure for life i ain’t gene vincent this ain’t rock ‘n roll it’s poetry man i am what i am. understand?

jesus, what do you want do we just shut up get fucked up buy some bullshit drug and disappear steer clear of our higher nature walk away from our true selves bury our heads in the sand say we don’t understand stop worrying keep hurrying just keep ourselves busy dance yourself dizzy?


this is dedicated to the dedicated…